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Transforming Visitor Data Into Insights & Insights Into Results
Panvista is the leading provider of behavioural, visitor data analytics and insight solutions for the event industry. Because without offline journeys, you only have a small part of what matters

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What We Do

Our unique approach to gathering and analyzing attendee analytics and insights, our state of the art platform and our ability to create custom experiences for data users, enable us to help our clients curate and enhance the attendee experience and deliver insights that drive results for our clients.

Strategic Client Discovery

We start with listening.  By understanding our client’s event objectives, we can design and deliver the right solution.

Comprehensive Capture

Using the latest in wearable beacon technology, we capture the data necessary to provide the insights into how your attendees are experiencing the event.

Education Session Tracking

Leveraging our rapid, flexible session deployment solution, your education program results are captured accurately and reliably, for issuance of CEs or for corporate training analysis. Learn more…

Transform Data Into Insights

Your event team wants better information to driver better outcomes.  Your exhibitors want to know the dollars they are spending at your event have a real return.  A bunch of data is no longer enough.  You need your data to tell a story, validate an assumption and give you real insights that drive better results.

Attendee Engagement Measurement

Attendee engagement is more than traffic counts and heat maps. We measure true attendee engagement to provide better insights into how attendees are experiencing your event.

Post Event Read-Out

Our services do not end when the event closes.  Providing a post-event readout helps clients to tie back to their objectives, and leverage the data and insights created to make the right decisions to further enhance their events.

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