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Panvista has developed a state-of-the-art solution for taking away the uncertainty surrounding activity at events. Gone are the days where measuring the results of a show relied on intuition, paper surveys, and rough estimation without any scientific proof. Using sophisticated Bluetooth sensory equipment, a proprietary analytics cloud server backend and flexible reporting suite, Panvista offers a deploy-on-demand event capture, measurement and analysis toolkit built for the event market.

With our roots deep in corporate e-commerce, mobile apps and analytics product development, Panvista has grown into a notable player in the analytics big data world, within the event, tradeshow and conference market.

Analytics and big data are not ambiguous concepts to us, combinations of buzz words without substance. To us analytics are the enablers of better business decisions, the artificial brains that empower those of humans, allowing people to better manage their organizations, their companies and their ongoing activity. Better decisions are key to better results. Analytics help make sense of the data, help organize it and then help support those that need to steer their ships true.

Our team is comprised of business, engineering and data experts from a broad array of fields such as radio frequency, hardware, reporting, algorithm design and data analysis, as well as customer relationship management, customer support and operations. We are supported by an industry advisory board, with experts from the event market, including suppliers as well as advisors to associations and corporate clientele. It takes a lot to enable a smooth analytics system like ours, and we rely on a strong backbone to deliver.

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