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Do you host tens or even hundreds of education sessions for internal staff, partners or association members?

Do you certify attendance and grant CESs (continuing education credits)?

Do you currently use paper based or other manual systems such as hand scanners, for recording attendance?

Does your funding rely on accurate, auditable attendance records?

If any of these hit home and you have no solution or a manual one...Panvista can help streamline your execution and accuracy, increase speed of reporting and certification, with a hands-free session analytics solution.

Want to take the guesswork out of your education program performance?

Education Session Insights

  • How many people were in each session?
  • Who attended each session?
  • How long did each person stay in each session?
  • To whom should I grant CEs?
  • How do I know when a room is about to reach capacity without having a person counting heads?
  • How can I do a better job of recommending which sessions Attendees should come to pre-show?
  • What other interactions did an Attendee have at the event that might give me more insight into their interests?

Key Features include

100% coverage

We provide an attendee wearable based bluetooth beacon system that covers 100% of attendees.

Accurate, Audit Ready

No more questionable, partial data. Achieve compliant and accurate results.

Zero Touch

Attendees register as they normally do, and simply attend sessions, with no need to change any of their behaviour.

Operationally Efficient

Our system eliminates the need to rent scanners or hire and train temp staff to stand at doorways.

Easy Deployment

Our system deploys in hours, is unobtrusive and nearly invisible.

Flexible Data Formats

Our system allows you to determine the format of data you need, for handling by certification staff or analysts, even importing directly into your CRMs and certification systems.

Advanced Insights

For those that want to go even further, there are advanced filtering options to identify key trends and insights, allowing you to further improve your session content, attendance and speakers.

Stay Tuned In.

Let Panvista keep you tuned in to all the latest, greatest and cool things we are doing with our customers to improve attendee engagement at events.

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