We Provide Actionable Insights, Up, Down & Across The Event Team

Executive Leadership

I want better insight into all aspects of the event.  I need data to help us make better decisions, what levers to pull and dials to turn.   I also need help in making the data and insights actionable and tying to the objectives for the event.


I want better insight into how attendees are navigating the event.  Where are they spending their time, what are the day/time traffic patterns, where do I need to make small changes to improve the event for the attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.

Education Session Leadership

I want to know more about attendees that are attending the sessions, how engaged they are and what other interactions they have while at the event.  I also need real time insight into room capacity and be able to make changes on the fly to ensure each session is maximized. 

Sponsorship Sales

My sponsors are asking for data and insights for the sponsorships they are purchasing.  They want to know traffic patterns, impressions and interactions to better measure the ROI of the dollars spent.

Exhibitor Sales

Exhibitors are a tremendous revenue source for our event, but they continue to ask for data that helps them better understand the value of exhibiting at our event.  They want to know more than standard lead retrieval can provide them.

Attendee/Member Acquisition and Retention

With so many events, messaging and content vying for their mindshare, my attendees want to know how we can bring a better, curated experience to them at our events.

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