Knowledge that sells

Panvista was built to boost your event's profit. You can now:

  • Generate valuable reports that exhibitors and sponsors will buy.
  • Present each client with clear results showing the value your event delivered.
  • Have direct insight into where you can cut unnecessary costs.

Understand what is happening right down to each booth

Gain full visibility into every corner of your event with the simple click of a button. In seconds, get a full overview of how your event is unfolding in real-time.

Simple to deploy

With three easy steps you are done in as little as 15 minutes. Simply place the sensors in proximity to areas you wish to track, turn them on and via the portal touch their location on a map of the venue. Data will start flowing in.

See how easy it is for you to make smart-badges work.

Give sponsors and exhibitors a clear reason to renew

Show them actual traffic reports of their own activity sliced by characteristics of their visitors, then where to setup next year to achieve even better results based on desired traffic and type of traffic.

Easily up sell exhibitors with information on why they should upgrade for next year

Use the reports to easily demonstrate where they should be placed in order to get the precise amount and type of traffic they want. Reduce the questions and challenges of exhibitors with facts.

  • Acme Co.
  • Total Visits: 1540
  • Interest:Software, Communication
  • Avg Dwell Time: 5 min
  • Peak Time: 12:30pm
  • Strong Co.
  • Total Visits: 540
  • Interest: ERP, CRM
  • Avg Dwell Time: 7.5 min
  • Peak Time: 9:30am

Avoid traffic dips by knowing about them before its too late

See in real time where there are serious gaps in traffic, then take action. Perhaps an obstacle needs to be moved or maybe its simply the layout of a certain area - Your floor space is valuable and this way you can truly control it.

Everything you need in a simple blue box

No heavy lifting or machines needed. Have everything setup in less than one hour. Plug, play then put away.

Introducing smart badges

No need to worry about having users download an app or use any other device to start gathering data. Panvista smart-badges can be easily dropped into any badge holder or attached to a lanyard in a matter of seconds. Its as simple as 1-2-3.

See how Health Care Planners use analytics at their events in 2017

Read the case study on how the ASHE PDC event leveraged event analytics to empirically measure activity, interests and attendance with precision at their 2017 summit.  
Download the ASHE PDC Case Study here.

See how JIS 2016 did it

Read the case study on how JIS 2016 (under management of Reed Expo) successfully implemented Panvista at their event in order easily understand how people’s interests and buying behavior using real-data and results.
Download the JIS 2016 Case Study here.

See how Farm Progress 2016 did it

Read the case study on how Farm Progress Show 2016 (under the management of Penton) successfully implemented Panvista at their event in order easily understand how people’s interests and buying behaviours using real-data and results.
Download the Farm Progress Case Study here.